Englischer Brief an die Gastfamilie

Das Bewerbungsverfahren für Studienmöglichkeiten, Praktika und Jobs im Ausland unterscheidet sich von Land zu Land. Auf welche länderspezifischen Fallstricke besonders geachtet werden sollte, erfahrt ihr in dieser Rubrik.
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Englischer Brief an die Gastfamilie

Beitrag von Olliii » 15.02.2014, 18:20

Dear Host Family,

my name is Oliver I was born on the 2nd of January, 1994 in Germany. Me and my family live in Bottrop, Bottrop is a small town in the west of Germany.

I am living at home with my parents Sylvia and Gerhard and our pets Charly (dog) and Tigger (cat). My three siblings, Dennis (30 years), Sarah (28 years) and Carina (23 years) live all on their own somewhere else. I often spent four or more weeks on my own, when my parents went on holidays. In this time i take care of the whole household and the pets. I really love my family and I´m really happy when i can see my siblings after some time. I´m also really happy about their support on my way to become an Au Pair.

But I also want to tell you a bit more about me and my person.

As I already said, my name is Oliver and I´m 20 years old. I´m a person which is receptive to new experience. I really like to travel and see more of the world. I often take care of my little 3 year old cousin. We often go outside and play ball or go to the playground. Sometimes when the weather is good I go into the zoo with him show resp. tell him something about the different animals. When I have some free time i go visit the kindergarten where i did my internship. My hobbys are reading, diving, kitesurfing (no time for it any more), meet my friends and play on my guitar, I´m playing guitar since 2 years now. And i love my beanie I wear it whenever i can.

The reasons for me why I want to become your Au Pair: first of all because i love to work with children, I try to spent as much time as i can with my little cousin or with the kids in the kindergarten. I also want to learn more about you and your customs, the culture of Australia and see as much as I can of Australia. I want to refine myself and became more independent.

Now I want to tell you something about the experience with children.

In my internship in the hospital I normally looked after adult patients, but quite often we also had children in the age from 5-14 in our station who have an fracture. Here i learned how I need to talk with children and can reassure them when they were scared.

After this internship I knew I want to work with children, so I go for five month internship in the kindergarten. After a few days i have settled down and I loved the every day life in the kindergarten. I have taken the children into my heart really fast and I loved them like my own sibblings.

In this internship i learned how to work with children I learned a lot about educational measures, I learned something about the nursing care of children, a lot about householding activities like wash the dishes wash clothes of the children and of course how to take care of children and how to employ the children. I learned how to explain the children something in an applicable speech. I really enjoyed to play with the Children outside and go sled in winter a playing with water in summer. We often go for a walk through the nature. In my internship I did an first aid curse where we also talk about how to provide babies and children.

In my free time I took care of the child from friends one day a week. When I started to babysit him, we often stay inside and play with his toys or draw something. But after a while we go more and more outside to the playground or walk through the nature as i learned in the kindergarten. I could apply a lot of things I learned in the kindergarten when I babysit him, I knew how to explain him something when he had questions for example.

I hope u got an good impression of me and if you are looking for an reliable and motivated Au Pair to take care of your children I would be happy if you choose me as your Au Pair. I would be really happy to hear from you soon.

yours sincerely


Ich wäre euch sehr verbunden wenn ihr mal drüber schauen könnt und mir verbesserungsvorschläge geben könntet =)



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Beitrag von thommy83 » 15.02.2014, 21:34

Oh je, Olli. Sprachlich ist das leider wirklich katastrophal. Ich weiß gar nicht, wo anfangen mit dem Verbessern. Kaum ein Satz ist ohne Fehler. Sorry, ich meine es nicht böse, aber vielleicht kannst du einen neuen Brief mit jemandem schreiben, der etwas besser Englisch kann?

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Beitrag von Lugasio » 04.04.2014, 18:29

Ich koennte ein paar Verbesserungsvorschlaege geben- wenn du es noch brauchst, es ist ja fast zwei monate her, dass du diesen Thread eroeffnet hast