Muster Anschreiben auf Englisch Praktikum - Umweltfonds

Das Bewerbungsverfahren für Studienmöglichkeiten, Praktika und Jobs im Ausland unterscheidet sich von Land zu Land. Auf welche länderspezifischen Fallstricke besonders geachtet werden sollte, erfahrt ihr in dieser Rubrik.
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Muster Anschreiben auf Englisch Praktikum - Umweltfonds

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Hallo liebes Forum,

ich schreibe gerade das Anschreiben für ein Praktikum bei einem internationalen Fonds, welcher in Zukunft Gelder an Umweltprojekte in Entwicklungsländer verteilen wird. Die Bewerbung wird auf englisch erfolgen, genauso wie dieses Anschreiben. Allerdings habe ich einige Probleme meine Qualifikationen überzeugend rüberzubringen. Wie bei fast jeder Bewerbung die ich bis jetzt geschrieben habe, führe ich im Absatz wo es um die Schilderung der hard skills geht (2. Abs) von mir besuchte Unikurse an. Das ist vermutlich kein gutes Argument, was mein Ihr? Mir fällt selten etwas Besseres ein, da ich über so gut wie keine Berufserfahrung verfüge.

Darüber hinaus erhoffe ich mir von Euch weitere Kritik und Anmerkungen. Hier zuerst ein Teil der Stellenausschreibung:

Duties and responsibilities
• Assist with the initial approval process, accreditation process, readiness and preparatory assistance during the building of the project pipeline;
• Support management of the project database upon receipt of the investment proposal;
• Participate in the evaluation of the investment proposals – technical and financial analysis and prepare evaluation /review summary;
• Contribute to the preparation of the fund’s board documents. This may include background research, collecting and analysing data, conducting specific research and analytical work, drafting written inputs, engagement through email and phone calls with other Fund experts;
• Provide support to various established Committees, panels and groups of the Fund as deemed necessary. This may include organizing meetings, preparing relevant documentation in collaboration with the designed task manger, taking minutes of meetings, and circulating summaries both internally and to the relevant Committee, panel or group;
• Provide limited support for the Fund's Board meetings and other events and meetings related to the functioning of the Fund. This may include assisting in the preparation of relevant documentation, taking meeting minutes, preparing summaries of discussions for the Report of the Meeting, and providing support for the drafting of decisions.

Required experience and qualifications
• Bachelors (or Masters) level in engineering inbuilt with finance, sustainable development, climate policy or related fields;
• Knowledge and experience with project financing specifically clean investments and having good knowledge in international negotiations is highly desirable;
• Good understanding in operation of Intentional organization and experience is an added advantage;
• Strong competence and autonomy in the use of standard software programmes : Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access;
• Excellent writing and presentation skills;
• Fluency in English is essential; knowledge of another United Nations language is an advantage, in particular French, Portuguese and Spanish;

Hier folgt das Anschreiben, eine passende Einleitung ist noch nicht vorhanden....ich feile noch daran.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hold the view that comprehensive climate finance will be the most relevant milestone on the way to an effective global emission reduction treaty with binding targets not only for developed countries. I regard the [Fondsname] work essential for achieving that goal. Taking part in this undertaking as well as the possibility to work inside an international organization would make me very happy and enhance my professional career.

Having studied both, environmental sciences and economics I am well aware of the interdisciplinary challenges the [Fondsname] faces. I am confident that the GCF could benefit from the knowledge and experience I accumulated in various fields such as environmental economics, international law, economics of climate change and negotiation theory. Supporting the [Fondsname] activities related to project financing would be an opportunity, since I am eager to apply the knowledge I especially acquired during the completion of the university courses advanced corporate finance and international financial management. Commissioned by the [Name des Instituts], I am currently working on my master thesis, a game theoretic analysis of the introduction of INDCs into the COP21 negotiations and their implications on incentive structures of negotiating parties. During my work for the institute, I gained insights into the mechanisms of multilateral negotiations and the modus operandi of international organizations. Data processing as well as analytical skills constitute a basic asset of economists which I acquired during the course of my academic career and utilized as an intern at the [Name eines weiteren Instituts] where I assisted in a project to support sustainable agriculture in Germany.

As a member of the student consultancy [Vereinsname], I was repeatedly involved in the preparation, organization and conduction of seminars and workshops with external partners and clients, which helped me a lot to further develop my organizational skills an introduced me to several facets of knowledge management. Via the association [weiterer Vereinsname] and its international partners, I took part in recruiting and preparing the German delegation to the annual Y20-Summit, the official youth summit within the G20 process, previously held in Istanbul. The success of the delegation serves our team as a confirmation to continue with our efforts to actively shape international relations. Several long-term stays abroad made me a tolerant, open minded and curious person.

I appreciate the possibility to introduce myself to the [Fondsname] and look forward for your reply.

Kind Regards

Ich hoffe, jemand hat Zeit und Lust sich meinem Problem zu widmen.

Danke und besten Gruß

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Hm.... schade, dass sich niemand äußert. Vielleicht liegt es ja an der Sprache. Ist denn zufälligerweise jemandem ein ähnliches Forum für auf Englisch verfasste Bewerbungen/Anschreiben bekannt?